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The Right Plant in the Right Soil

The Right Plant in the Right Soil - Satellite Garden Centre

It’s easy to believe that if a houseplant is watered regularly, exposed to sunlight and fertilized regularly, it will be in great shape. However, this overlooks an essential variable in the plant health equation: the soil. That’s right! Proper soil is essential for the growth and development of plants. But beware! Buying the first bag of potting soil you come across in the garden centre and changing it from time to time is not the way to go. Each plant has its own particular needs. You should therefore take the time to choose a potting soil that is suitable for each of your plants!

What is potting soil?

Potting soil plays several roles in the growth of plants. From a physical point of view, it allows the plant to anchor its root system. It is through this system that the plant will absorb air and water, two elements that are essential for its survival. From a chemical point of view, potting soil is designed to retain essential nutrients needed by the plant. It is mainly composed of organic materials such as peat moss, humus, coconut fibre and bark. It can also be made up of mineral elements such as sand, perlite and fertiliser. It is the perfect mix of these different components that creates the ideal growing medium for each type of plant.

The right potting soil for every plant

This potting soil is designed to grow a wide range of plants: alocasia, caladium (angel wings), calathea, dieffenbachia, fig tree, ferns, peace lilies, monstera, philodendron, pothos, schefflera, syngonium and many others. These plants naturally grow in a humid tropical environment! They therefore need a draining potting soil that prevents water accumulation and root rot, while maintaining a good level of humidity.

This potting soil contains coconut fibre which retains and releases water according to the plant’s needs in order to regulate watering. Since it is also enriched with fertiliser, it will help your favourite houseplants achieve abundant and healthy foliage*. We also recommend it for growing fresh herbs in indoor containers.

Potting soil for cacti and succulents

This potting soil is specially designed for desert plants that prefer dry environments. The soil must therefore retain enough water to satisfy the primary needs of the plant, but must also be able to dry out very quickly, thus avoiding any moisture.

Potting soil made for cacti and succulents contains perlite and coarse sand, which facilitate rapid water drainage and stabilise large cacti in their pots. It also contains sphagnum peat moss, which holds just enough water for this type of plant. Cacti, succulents, mother-in-law’s tongues, dracaenas, ZZ plants, hoyas, peperomias as well as palm and citrus trees are sure to flourish in the cactus and succulent potting soil!

Potting soil for orchids

This potting soil is specifically designed for orchids and other epiphytes such as bromeliads and tongues of fire (Anthurium). In their natural tropical environment, these plants grow on trees. They feed on the moisture in the air, on a bit of humus that forms in the vicinity and on the mineral salts in the water that flows nearby.

Thanks to its composition of pine bark, which gives it an airy structure, the orchid potting soil does not become compacted and thus allows optimum root growth. It also contains pieces of coconut, which create a natural environment for epiphytic plants that is both moist and very airy.

Potting soil for violets

Violet potting soil is designed for plants of the Gesneriaceae family such as the African violet, Cape Primrose, episcia, Florist’s Gloxinia, columnea, cyclamen, lipstick plant and goldfish plant. In the wild, these delicate plants with their very fine roots grow on the rocks or steep cliffs found in tropical rainforests. They thrive in evenly moist, but well-drained, slightly acidic soil with a crumbly, very airy texture.

The potting soil for African violets is rich in organic matter and contains perlite to aid drainage and sphagnum peat moss which provides ideal moisture. It is also enriched with fertiliser to ensure abundant and colourful flowering*. This makes it ideal for indoor flower pots!